Shed Location

Montville Sports Ground approximately 3km south of Montville on the Montville-Maleny road

Shed Opening Times

Shed hours are 8.00-12.00. Members are encouraged to pursue their interests according to the following schedule:


Training Workshops

Training sessions for members are held regularly during the year in all aspects of woodworking. 

Timber Sales

An up to date timber price list is on the notice board and members are reminded that:

The Procedure for Buying Timber


There are a number of exhibitions through the year providing opportunities to display and sell your work. Periodic competitions provide the opportunity to have your work assessed against the work of others - a great way to learn and improve your skills.

Guild History

The idea for a guild grew from just some hazy dreaming in a shed between a few old Range ‘woodies’ who felt the need for a club to serve the whole of the Blackall Range. Development on the range and adjacent areas due to the recreational and retirement plans of many people was increasing, and the search for fulfilling hobbies, perhaps with some income generation, and the chance for constructive community involvement was growing.

The decision was made to have a go and the club had its first meeting in St.Mary’s Hall on the Village Green at Montville on 4th March 1996. The Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild Inc was formally incorporated on 30th April 1996.

In 2002, after six years in a shed on Western Avenue, and following the receipt of a Jupiter's Casino Grant, we moved to a more permanent base at the Montville Sports Ground, about 3km south of Montville.

With good local support, the club has rapidly grown into a thriving purposeful group over 150 strong, including a good number of ladies. It now has a complete range of equipment, including a solar drying kiln and a large stock and range of timber supplies. In our new premises we envisage young people, retirees, people in care centres and similar being able to take advantage of the benefits which a permanent and purpose-built building can provide.