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Membership Fees

The rules regarding the fee for joining the Guild, as well as the initial annual subscription fee and subsequent subscription fee are provided in this summary. Other charges are shown below:

Forms to be Completed

The four documents you will be expected to complete and sign as part of the application process are:

Basic Application Form

When thinking of joining us, the first thing is to let us know something about you: There is a form (of course) and you can look at it here.

Member's Accreditation Record

We set no technical barrier to joining. That is, no knowledge of woodworking is required before you join the club. However, you should be aware that: The method used by BRWG to achieve this is by insisting on a BRWG code of practice known as the Machinery Accreditation System, which is more fully described here.

Code of Conduct

The Guild is as much a social club as it is a woodworking club. For every member, it should always be a pleasure to come to the Shed. To achieve such ambitious goals, from a broad cross-section of people, requires a necessary amount of give and take. A set of guides is available here.

Shed Operating and Safety Rules

AS well as general inter-personal expectations, there are rules about safe behaviour in a woodworking shed, in particular, where dangerous machinery is in use. A specific set of expectations is available here.

Shed Opening Times

Shed hours are 8.00-11.00. Members are encouraged, but not required, to pursue their interests according to the following schedule:

Buying Timber

An up to date timber price list is on the notice board and members are reminded that:


There are a number of exhibitions through the year providing opportunities to display and sell your work. Periodic competitions provide the opportunity to have your work assessed against the work of others - a great way to learn and improve your skills.