To be advised

Management Committee

Dave Edmond, President
Graham Beaumont, Vice-president
Tony Gallwey, Treasurer
Greg McCosker, Secretary
John Isles and Terry O'Connor, Shed Managers


Julie Breen, Assistant Treasurer
John McLaren, Assistant Secretary

Newsletter Editor

Pam McLeod

Publicity Officer

Graham Beaumont

Recruitment Officers

Sarah Odgers, Russ Middlecoat and Julie Breen

Events Organiser

Rick Vickers 0408 663 842; 07 5494 3555

Safety Officers

Russ Middlecoat and Sarah Odgers


Vicki Shuley

Social Media

Sarah Odgers

Timber Management

Bruce Chapman, Ron Donald and Robert Rothwell

Training Officer

Keiran Simpson

Web Management

Dave Edmond

MVA Sportsground Representatives

John Muller and Brian Harris